The Great Refresh

6 Design Strategies to Maximize
the Human Experience



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60 minutes

Expectations for indoor spaces have changed dramatically since the pandemic. Many people found increased levels of comfort, productivity, and overall happiness when working from their homes that may seem challenging or costly to replicate in hospitality, office, and commercial settings.

Enhancing your space with a nature-inspired refresh or a new biophilic design strategy could pay off BIG, however, by improving employee engagement, enhancing guest satisfaction and brand loyalty, and attracting or keeping top talent. 

In this webinar, members of Ambius’ Elite Design Team will discuss the latest trends in commercial design and 6 unique ways to implement them across your business.


  • Latest trends from an award-winning commercial design panel

  • Key elements that will make people happy to be back in your space

  • Design’s role in creating connections, experiences, and great first impressions
  • How to bring people back into your space with well-being in mind
  • Simple ways to incorporate Biophilic Design principles to inspire connections

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Janice Nath
Ambiance Design Expert

Janice is an experienced designer who brings passion and energy to every project by awakening each of the five senses. She earned her degree in Interior Architecture, Design, and Business Administration from California State University. Since 1998, Janice has won an array of industry and company awards recognizing her exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to helping businesses shine.

JOanne Craft
Ambient Designer

JOanne is a talented, award-winning expert who is dedicated to helping businesses become smarter and healthier through interior design. She has honed her creativity and remained at the forefront of the latest trends since she joined Ambius in 1997. Her previous experience working in the hospitality sector gives her a rare perspective on the benefits of creative design in offices, hotels, and commercial spaces.

Laura Burns-Lambert
Sensory Designer

Laura considers the entire world her canvas, and uses her award-winning talents to tell the story of a brand through art. Clients are drawn to Laura’s innovative, open-minded approach to developing designs that help workplace and commercial spaces stand out. Her unique eye for design and creative expression has become a hallmark among peers who have applauded her work since she 1996.

The latest trends in commercial design and 6 unique ways to implement it.


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