For COVID-19, other common viruses, bacteria and more

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Protecting People. Enhancing Lives.

In the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the health and safety of your people is of the utmost importance. We are in this together.

Put your mind at ease.

Our Disinfection Service provides a rapid response to businesses looking to achieve an enhanced level of hygiene under this new normal. This service delivers an advanced level of disinfection to protect people and environments from the invisible dangers of COVID-19, other common viruses, bacteria, fungi, and more. 


  • Includes a customized risk assessment to understand your facility's unique processes and the level of protection needed
  • Conducted by certified Specialists using advanced Liquid Dispersal Technology that provides thorough coverage on surfaces throughout your facility
  • Uses a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered product that is designated as a disinfectant on List N
  • This formula can be used against: coronavirus, norovirus, H1N1, SARS, MRSA, swine flu, E. coliSalmonella & more 
  • The formula is environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic & non-harmful
  • Service leaves no harsh fumes or visual residue & eliminates odors
  • Get back to business within 30 minutes of treatment

With our Disinfection Service, you get peace of mind knowing you are doing all you can to protect the people important to your business.

Ambius is leveraging our global expertise to help create safe work environments with this Disinfection Service. We are proud to be part one of the largest business services companies in the world focused on Protecting People and Enhancing Lives.