The Business Impact of Scent

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This independent research of consumers across five countries explores the true business impact that scent plays in creating a connection between a brand and consumer. Learn how people feel about smells and how they behave as a result. The key findings are summarized in this conversational report for businesses looking to evolve.


Discover how to offer a total, multisensory experience that increases footfall and repeat visits, drives deeper emotional connections, increases dwell time, improves perception and creates strong brand affiliation. 

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Inside you'll find how multi-sensory marketing enhances the customer experience and drives brand loyalty. Did you know?


  • 74% of consumers are drawn into a store because of the smell
  • 67% of people say a pleasant smell makes them feel more patient and relaxed
  • 73% of people note that smell triggers an instant memory or feeling ranked higher than any other sense 
  • 60% of consumers will make a brand their first choice if it engages four to five of their senses


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