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Biophilic Design Trends Report

Revolutionizing the built environment for health and well-being


What does the future of the workplace look like?

From the boardroom to the reception area, biophilic design makes an immediate and pronounced impression on everyone that encounters the design. Biophilic buildings inspire and motivate, creating enriched and empowered spaces that unequivocally improve business outcomes.

Ambius' elite team of design experts have identified six major biophilic design trends that will be at the forefront of facility design in the years to come.

Discover the latest trends that are poised to shape the office environment today and beyond.


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Lowers anxiety and tension by...

Introducing plants into the workplace helped reduce anxiety and tension levels. - GPGB


Increases productivity by...

Employees who worked in biophilically designed environments saw productivity increase. - GPGB


Increases creativity by...

Introducing plants to a workplace saw an increase in creativity. - University of Exeter study

Inside You Will Find:

An in-depth analysis of the Biophilic Design Trends from the foremost design experts in the industry. Discover the designs that will change the way we work.

  • Design trend analysis from Ambius award-winning designers
  • Key features and inspirations behind the designs
  • What biophilic design elements are transforming spaces
  • How biophilic design and architecture are changing the built environment
  • Why biophilic design matters today and beyond


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