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Air Purifier Qualities to Consider 


An essential guide to choosing the right air purifier for your business


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Indoor air quality has always been a critical health and safety consideration for buildings. However, the emergence of coronavirus and COVID-19 has suddenly thrust air quality into a brighter spotlight. 


To help you navigate this new normal, we've created a comprehensive infographic to help you identify key features and qualities that your business needs to consider when specifying air purification units. This essential resource was developed in collaboration with our team of global air quality experts and designed to help you reach your clean air goals.


Inside the Air Purifier Qualities to Consider infographic you will find: 

  • Insights into filter designations and filter types
  • How air purification units work to remove harmful germs, pathogens, VOCs, and more
  • Advice on determining the best units for your business
  • Costs and savings information for decision-makers
  • Guidance on essential features that may benefit your business

Air Purifier Qualities To Consider - Landing Page Graphic


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